Data Analyst Masterclass 2019

Become a Data Analyst, boost your career, get the experience, be guided by the best industry professionals.

In-person 4 months program, Barcelona 29th Mar - 20 Jul 2019.

Why should I attend the course?

Learn from the best

Our mentors are professionals who hire, grow, and manage data teams today.

Networking is key

Become part of the Barcelona data community. Showcase your skills, have fun and get hired.

Real life, real data

Work with real life projects and analyze real data.

"Companies are literally eager to hire professionals with the right skills."

Rafal Szota
Head of Analytics in Qustodio.

Is this course for me?

Bdata Institute is a top level course to transform you into a data analyst. We value each student’s individual traits as not everyone starts off with the same base and experience. We take into consideration those traits that we believe will help you in becoming the best data analyst possible and will allow you to take away the most from the course. If these traits describe you, our course is for you.

  • Passionate and curious
  • Tech savvy and a fast learner
  • Love working with data

The essential skills you will learn in this course

Theme: Data Analytics Toolbox
Scenario: Hired! Now what?

You are hired in company as a data analyst. Your peers are very friendly, but everyone is busy. You must enable your analytics workbench and get up to speed as quick as possible. You are expected to be productive from day one in a company.

Rafal Szota
Head of Analytics at Qustodio
Federico Figueiredo
Business Agility Catalyst at Sage
Theme: Investigate the dataset
Scenario: Help your manager fulfilling requests

Startups are dynamic. There are tons of ongoing initiatives. Every now and then, your manager gets unexpected requests and assignments. Some of them are simple, coming from people who just need some data. Others are more complex and require some data wrangling. Your objective is to help your manager and take over. Be careful and pay attention. Business decisions will depend on your statements.

Iago Novoa
Head of Business IntelligenceatLetGo
Helena Gimenez
Head of Insights at ABA English
Theme: Workout an experiment and present your results
Scenario: Improve the conversion rate

Conversion rate is one of the most analysed metrics in every startup. Given a baseline product, marketing and data teams setup A/B tests to get better conversions. As a data analyst you are expected to design one of such tests. Be thorough, you will present the results to the CEO.

Alex Rios
CEO & Co-Founder at Happyforce
Aleix Ruiz
Data Science Mentor
Theme: Know what to measure and why
Scenario: The Board of Directors is getting closely

All startups have investors who ask for data. Analyst need to watch out since anything can be asked. You will be designing a set of dashboards to fulfil the usual requests. Your objective is to understand how the metrics connect together and adjust your design accordingly. Finally, you will be invited meet with the VC Partner and share your work with him.

Javier Figarola
Founder of ABA English
Marc Vincente
CEO at ABA English
Javier Martinez
Business Analytics Directo La Vanguardia
Theme: Work with millions of data points
Scenario: Product team needs to analyze user behavior

Modern analytics tools allow you to track every single user click. This data grows very quickly. Working with events requires the understanding of their dynamics. It is important to think of the performance. Since the product team is asking for the analysis you will help them with your expertise.

Alessandro Pregnolato
Director of Analytics at Typeform
Jaume Civit
Head of Analytics at Lidl
Theme: Understand online analytics tools
Scenario: Help marketing take decisions

User acquisition requires investment. Efficient marketing investments require insights from data. In order to help the marketing team in budget allocation you will analyze digital campaign data. The results from your analysis will be used to take daily decisions.

Juan Aldamiz
Senior Industry Manager at Google
Alvaro Morán
Sales Manager DoubleClick at Google

Real cases, real data experts, real future opportunities.

Bdata Institute teachers, collaborators, sponsors and mentors are always on the look for new talent.

What is the learning process?

The DAM19 consist of 16 masterclasses of 20 hours each.
All masterclasses include concepts, home cases and case resolutions.

  • Day Saturday Topic Concepts Duration 5.5 h.
    • Concepts, concept and more concepts. All the conceptual knowledge and tricks you need.
    • Real cases solved in class live, stand-up interactions and group work.
    • Review of Home Cases to be done during the week so you are ready to get started on them. This initial guidance is important to the learning process.
  • Days Sunday to Thursday Topic Home cases Duration 5-10 h.
    • You will work on the case resolutions based on what was learnt on Saturday and tips shared by the mentor.
    • Slack will be used to chat with fellow students and your Mentor as you work on your cases. Communication is key.
    • Thursdays are for networking. You will be invited to all types of networking events.
  • Day Friday Topic Cases resolution Duration 4.5 h.
    • Review all the catches, tips and tricks to resolve the cases you worked on during the week.
    • Sharing, comparing and learning from each person’s path and analysis is a must.
    • Live feedback from your mentor to grow as a data analyst.

Admission process

While every student who joins our community is unique, they share certain defining traits: they are proven data driven and analytical, comfortable with the basic concepts of math, information technology, and statistics and are looking to further their career in the data field.

  • 1 Apply to the DAM19

    You can apply to the DAM19 through our web or forms. All we need is your contact information and two simple questions.

  • 2 Personal Interview

    We need to get to know you and you need to get to know us to see if the DAM19 is fit for you. You will be evaluated for future potential and motivation. Our Admissions Team will schedule a personal interview with you to do so.

  • 3 Technical Evaluation

    Once we have meet you we will test if you are ready for the DAM19 technically. To do so you will need to complete a technical evaluation, the aim is to assess student’s capacity of structural thinking.

  • 4 Acceptance

    Our Admissions Team will contact you with the much awaited news and let you know if you have been accepted to the DAM19. Competition is tough but we can’t wait to see you in class. To reserve your spot you will need to make a deposit.

  • 5 Ready for the DAM19

    Your mentor will assign pre-work before the course starts to get you in shape. Once it’s complete you are ready for the DAM19 and the first day of class.

When & where is the DAM19?

  • In-person
  • In Barcelona, Spain
  • Starting 29th of March 2019
  • 16 weeks, till 20th of July 2019
  • Part-time to easily combine with a full working agenda:
    • Fridays from 17:00h. to 21:30h.
    • Saturdays from 09:00h. to 14:30.


DAM19 Tuition: 6.500€
Attending Barcelona Data Institute is a major investment. We believe it's an investment in your future with an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio, but there's no denying it's an investment that needs to be planned for carefully.

Our Financial Aid Office along with La Caixa is here to help you finance the DAM19 program offering options from 12 to 36 months.

Reservation Deposit: 650€
To save your spot on the DAM19 you must make a deposit in one week time from your acceptance in the program. The deposit amount is subtracted from the tuition.